Chamomile Butter


Buy Best 100% Pure and Natural Chamomile Body Butter for Sale Online

Buy our chamomile butter as it is blended with 100% pure German chamomile essential oil and hydrogenated soybean oil. Our chamomile is extracted through steam distillation from the chamomile flower, which gives it a strong, fruity aroma, and greenish-blue color. Our chamomile butter has high levels of lecithin and vitamin E, together make a wonderful body butter that will help soften and hydrate your skin.

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Chamomile Butter:
-Helps relieve muscle pains and menstrual cramps
-Soothes skin burns, blisters, inflamed wounds
-Treats acne
-Helps with insomnia
-Helps reduce migraine headaches
-Hydrates and softens skin
-Helps with eczema and rashes
-Treats sunburns
-Helps soothe anxiety

100% German Chamomile Essential Oil
Hydrogenated Soybean Oil


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