Are these Products Organic?

Yes, but because they come from sustainably and responsibly sourced oils all over the world, they are not certified organic.

Can I have them shipped outside the USA?

Absolutely but it does cost $25 for international shipping.

Are these products just for Women?

No, our butters are for men and women, as well as all stages of life from newborns to the elderly.

Can these be used in accordance with other oils?

Yes, in fact our unscented kit is for people who use oils or perfumes/cologne. We wanted some that don’t mask the scent of other products used daily. We don’t recommend mixing your essential oils with our butters. In 2021 we will be launching our plant oils line which can be used as carrier oils for essential oils.

How does this work?

You buy the kit that fits your specific need and try the variety of butters and see which one fits your need best. Each of our bodies is different what works best for you may not work as well for someone else. This gives you an opportunity to try a variety of sample size butters and then buy the full size one of your favorite(s).

How does this help Babies?

Are babies kit is made up of butters that are ideal for sensitive baby skin. All of them help to keep newborn skin from drying out. Because there are no harsh chemicals or additives when used on a baby it won’t burn their delicate skin.

Can I get a single 1 OZ container?

No. Our 1 oz containers are only in kits; however, we do have a customized kit that you can customize yourself and choose which 1 oz butters you want.

Can I get a single 4 OZ container?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so. You don’t need to buy a kit first either.

What’s the point of getting a KIT?

To try a variety of body butters that target your specific need and purchase the full size one that fits your need best. This way you aren’t spending a fortune trying to find the best product for your need and throwing away wasted products.

What if my body butter melted during shipping?

All our body butters are made without additives this means they are made completely of plant oils; which may result in melting during shipping. We try to prevent melting by shipping priority. However, if they melt just pop them in the fridge and they should thicken up, stir, and use.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Because of the nature of our product we cannot offer exchanges, nor do we offer refunds. But we want you to have a positive experience with our company. If you have any issue email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

What do you use hydrogenated soybean oil?

Hydrogenated soybean oil is great for your skin and is in most cosmetic products. We use it as a viscosity increasing agent for our oils but it also carries its own benefits. It is a skin and hair conditioning agent and can soften the skin and hair and prevent moisture loss. It can not get into the blood through the skin.

Can I use your products if I am allergic to coconut?

Yes, you can use all of them except for our extra virgin coconut oil.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes we never test on animals.

Why do you use tin containers?

Plastic is so harmful to our bodies and our planet. Our tins are made from recycled steel and can be recycled or repurposed. We love to see how people repurpose their tins, please share them with us at [email protected] or to our social media pages.

I see you donate to survivors of child sex trafficking. I want to donate too, how can I?

Currently we are donating to the Covering House, you can find our link in our partnering with section or click here