Who We Are

As a mother of three children all with extremely sensitive skin a quality product is important to me. I spent countless dollars purchasing numerous products, trying to find one that helped their skin more than it harmed. Numerous brands say they are made for children’s and are full of harmful toxic ingredients that cause more problems than they help. Struggling for the ideal product I turned to nature and the wonderful gifts it can offer us, finding exactly what I was searching for. We have researched all the wonderful benefits of plants so you don’t have to and put them into a variety of kits targeting specific areas. This way you can try various butters for an affordable price and decide what works best for you and yours. If we don’t have a kit that fits your needs you can customize your own. Once you find the butter that fits your need you can buy it separately in a larger size. Already know what you like get it in a larger size!

All of our products are made with minimal ingredients all from plants. I didn’t want a bunch of ingredients on my child, I just wanted what works. All of our natural oils are manufactured without the addition of synthetic compounds. As a result, our oils are as pure as possible, and are usually well tolerated by the body. The extraction process of our natural oils is very controlled to reduce addition of any synthetic substances into the oil. Our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade and free from chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs. Our tins are made from 100% recyclable steel in the United States. Our butters are manufactured in the United States from oils that are responsibly and sustainably sourced from all over the world. All of our suppliers meet USDA standards.